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Mybizsite is a project of SOLSNET and it is specially designed to benefit small businesses. This year SOLSNET has completed its 10 years of successful business and has decided to return the warmth and courtesy it received during the last decade. SolsNet can’t thank enough those small businesses that made SolsNet what it is today: A successful enterprise! Mybizsite is offering the best deal in town to its customers – small business owners. Now you can get a professionally done website only for just $799/- With FREE Lifetime Hosting on Amazon Cloud. .

We have been serving our local Canadian and international clients in 3 different continents for over a decade now. We have an extensive array of knowledge and experience in this field. We pride ourselves in getting the perfect balance between creativity and functionality. We strictly follow your business requirements and conduct comprehensive research and professional analysis to bring you the most accurate representation of your services and ideology.

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Small Business Blog

By Ayesha Ahmed 15 Dec, 2016

You put in hours in putting up your website online. Your sole purpose to put it up in the digital realm is to attract visitors to it and eventually make it a hot source for lead generation. But what good is your website if the search engine doesn’t even know what it’s about and it fails to appear in the results that you would want to see it?

Content optimization is the answer to this debacle. Optimize is the keyword.

You’ve got to ensure that your web presence is fully optimize to leverage the best internet has on offer. But wait. Optimization just in the name of beefing up the pages in order to be more visible to that bot? Is that the real motive behind optimizing your website? If that’s the case then you must read on, this is for you.

Optimization is not merely about getting it right with meta data and the web crawlers. Today, search engine bots are smarter than we think. You can’t just go about cramming X number of keywords umpteen times in a single paragraph.

You content’s meta should be legible i.e. it should make sense when your website’s visitor hovers their pointer on it. The text that reads when your website’s visitor hovers their mouse over it matters, matters a lot.

It matters because search engine’s web crawler is comparing it with what your competitor is putting in in their website. It orders it according to the relevancy of the content when it displays the search results. Hence, it’s imperative that you ensure your website is being handled by a professional outfit that knows the intricacies and pros and cons of the digital world.

When going through the meta tags and page content for the various pages, ask yourself over and over: Does that make sense? Does the keyword belong there, or am I going out of my way to put it in there? Does this accurately describe, in an artful way, what my page or site is about?

For the content modules on each page: Do they give the reader the information they need? Also, is the information clear and concise? Finally, is the content correct?

So, here you go, we’ve laid down the essential basics for you to get it right when it comes to creating meaningful content on your website. Content that not only gives you more visibility on line but also ensures that authentic traffic is diverted to you digital abode.
By Ayesha Ahmed 10 Nov, 2016

Having a huge lot of subscribers on your email marketing list is good but it won’t be great if 75% of your email list is inactive. This is a worrying statistic, as it means that three quarters of your subscriber base may not currently be engaging with your marketing content.

It’s about time that you indulged in email marketing reactivation and re-engagement.

Reactivation is aimed at attempting to reintroduce lapsed subscribers to your content and re-engaging their interest in your brand, most commonly by creating a specific strategy and utilising specific content that aims to bring people back into your pool of active customers.

You need to win your subscribers back on to your email list as active subscribers who actually pay heed to what is sent to them through emails in the shape of the communication from your side. Fair enough, the content has to be engaging itself to win them back but you’ve got to ensure that the frequency of the emails is not compromised.

You’ve not only got to stay in touch with your subscribers through a constant dose of related communication but you’ve also got to make sure that your content is engaging enough and is related to your subscribers interests.

Email reactivation strategy is normally skipped when the email marketing strategy is being devised as a part of overall digital strategy of a business. There are many elements and variables involved in the process of creating an email marketing reactivation strategy. Email reactivation’s potential to create impact for brands in any sector should not be underestimated.

There could be three or four major reasons why your email marketing strategy is not panning out as well as it should.

It might be the case that your content is failing to connect with your subscribers. Hence they either unsubscribe or become dormant until you revisit your email marketing strategy and come up with content that really strikes a chord with those subscribers.

Generic subject lines is another reason why your email marketing suffers. Try to be as innovative as you can when coming up with subject lines for your emails. Try and be imaginative and innovative so that the receiver opens your email.

One reason that’s really somewhat beyond your control but can be treated and fixed is when your emails start getting filtered or routed to spam. Again it’s really the content and subject line that can save your email from going to waste.

So all in all, email reactivation and reengagement strategy should really be a part of your email marketing strategy right from the start when you’re devising your company’s digital strategy and should not be ignored. Once this is achieve then you might not even have to think about readjusting your content for reactivation.

By Ayesha Ahmed 27 Sep, 2016

Writing content is a tough task. Not only do you need to be knowledgeable about the subject, but then you have to have the skill to transform that information into an interesting and readable piece (which requires both literary skills and a command of the language). However, the toughest thing to do is to create an attractive hook at the beginning in order for your reader to stick with the article and finish it through. Oh, and what if we told you that you only have 15 seconds to do all that?

That’s the average attention span of your reader- 15 seconds. It is during these precious moments that your reader decides whether your content is meaningful for them or if they should move on to something else. If a rodeo cowboy gets eight seconds to become a champion, what can a content marketer do with nearly twice that amount of time? Well, there is a series of subconscious questions everyone contemplates as they are reading an article. And as a writer, your articles must quickly answer these following questions as they pop up in a reader’s mind:

“Are you talking to me?”

If your reader cannot  straight away tell if they are your intended audience, they are going to leave your page. Nobody wants to waste their time reading an entire article just to find out that the information was irrelevant to them. So it is essential for the writer to make it absolutely clear who their content is meant for, right from the beginning.

“What’s in it for me?”

Look at the way people use search engines. On the results page, users often simply skim through the first few hits and assess their relevance by reading the short description that is usually found under each link. Similarly, you have to construct your introduction in such a way that just by glancing at it, a reader can quickly and explicitly see if the article is for them.

“Says who?”

Readers like knowing who wrote the article and where the source of information came from. If someone won’t even take credit for the content, how trustworthy can it be? Based on the information your reader gets within those first 15 seconds, they will decide whether or not to trust you. Make sure your content has an author’s name, photo, and a link to their bio right up top.

“How hard will this be to read?”

Make sure your content is optimized for web readability. Short paragraphs and headers along with appropriate and well-placed images can create visual interest. A content with messy formatting and laced with typos and grammatical errors is sure to scare off your readers and look bad on you.

So, before you post your next piece of content, take off your marketing hat for a moment and put yourself in your reader's’ shoes. If you can satisfactorily answers these four questions, then you’re on the right track.

By Ayesha Ahmed 31 Aug, 2016

Did you know that the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text?

Did you also know that the attention span of an average human being is eight seconds?

Well, now you do. Video is THE word. And VIDEO MARKETING is the term your business should be coming to grips with. It’s time you should invest in video marketing to grow your business.

The marketing landscape shifts forward every passing day and businesses have to gain grounds to capture their share of the online territory. There are always innovations and improvements being introduced, and businesses have to raise their game accordingly. You are constantly required to come up with improved ways to promote yourselves and attract valuable leads.

Today, your customers and clients expect more out of you. You have to develop new strategies to not only meet this expectation, but to exceed it. This is when video marketing comes in to steady your marketing strategy boat.

There is no doubt that video-driven platforms are well-received by today’s generation of consumers. In fact, Snapchat has overtaken Twitter with a daily user base of more than 150 million people (Twitter has 136 million daily users).

As a business, it is not wise to ignore this fact and think you can still survive. Simply put, if a business owner thinks they can make a good living by only clinging on to the more conventional and traditional ways of marketing, then we think they’re living in their own paradise.

As a savvy business owner, you must acknowledge the increased popularity of videos. You must rethink your digital strategy to include videos in order to attract more customers and clients.

This post is the first in our series on the effectiveness of video marketing and why it should be a part of your overall marketing strategy. In this article, we have outlined its importance and in our next post, we will take a closer look as to how video marketing benefits your company. So until next time, stay true to the spirit of digital marketing.

By MyBizSite 05 Aug, 2016

In this age of technology where more and more people are constantly connected to the web, why is it that so many small businesses do not have a website?  As recently as 2015, about 90% of North Americans used an online search engine to look up local businesses. This indicates the huge demand from customers for businesses to have an online presence- it is as if consumers have come to expect businesses to be online.

The biggest reason entrepreneurs give for not having a website is that they believe that having one is not relevant to their particular business or industry. But this is a huge misconception that a third of small business owners have, because websites are actually relevant in every single industry.

There are many benefits to having a website. First, it increases your visibility and ensures that potential customers can find out about your existence, no matter which industry you’re in. Second, if customers always ask you the same questions on a daily basis (ex: the nutritional content of your bakery’s goods, the retail brands you offer in your clothing boutique, your hours of operation, your area of delivery, etc), it is easy to direct customers to your website where they can quickly find the information they need. You will be able to focus more on running and growing your business rather than answering basic questions. Third, having a website gives potential customers a preview of your service. A professional looking website can make a difference in the way a customer sees your company. Their first impression of your business can make the difference between getting a sale or not.

The second biggest reason given for not having a website is that it is too costly to create. About a quarter of entrepreneurs cited that they believed websites are out of their budget range. However, there are quick and very affordable ways available to get a website.

It can get pretty expensive to go through a web designer, who will custom-build websites from scratch. If you are up  A more affordable (and less time-consuming) alternative are web platforms where you can sign up, choose the template you want, put in your own text and media and then pay a monthly or yearly fee to keep it online. There are several web platforms to choose from, depending on your technical aptitude, budget and desired level of simplicity. This option is great for busy entrepreneurs who neither have nor want to spend a lot of time on their website. The bottom line is that websites do not automatically mean a hefty price tag. Even if you have a few dollars a month to spare, you can find a company or a web designer that will create a website for your company, allowing you to be connected to a much larger, online clientele. Getting a website requires a small investment in time and money, but will produce huge returns in terms of increasing your visibility.

For entrepreneurs strapped for time, there are web design agencies that will create, update and maintain your website for you. One such company that we recommend is MyBizSite. They offer a comprehensive “ Website for Life ” package with lots of the great features that makes a website functional and professional for a reasonable, one-time fee. One of the most valuable features of this package is that it comes with free managed hosting for your site for life, meaning you never have to worry about paying a yearly hosting fee to keep your site online. This package is one of the best deals we have seen and it’s great for small business owners, as they can get a personalized, secured and great looking website without breaking the bank! To find out more about what they offer, visit their site at



By MyBizSite 09 May, 2016
Like they’re great at developing and sales, they didn’t just wake up one morning and thought they could do it. They must’ve worked hard and gained enough experience before becoming brilliant and great at it. And so is the case with digital marketing. You don’t just one day decide that you’re good at digital marketing and since it’s still a relatively new field only in comparison to its older counterparts, you’d still need to understand it fully well, if not thoroughly experienced in it, to consider yourself a digital marketer. And, that, many entrepreneurs fail to grasp, hence they fail to put their business effectively through the digital space.

In order to understand digital marketing better, one must first understand how search engines work. We’re sure you know how to use the search engine but to understand its inner workings is a different thing altogether. You must first understand how to position your company's website to rank better by using relevant search engine optimization terms.

Nowadays search engines collect huge lots of data about consumer trends and how they use the internet on different devices. One must mine these sources of information for their own sake and learn to market themselves better with the help of these insights. They’ve got to tweak marketing messaging to make it more relevant and engaging.

For example, company owners can use tools for understanding which websites are linking to a corporate site. Google and other search engines value high quality links, and linking to a corporate website provides that to the search engine. By knowing that, an entrepreneur can accordingly adjust the digital marketing or optimization for better yields.

Ignore search engines and the data they possess at your peril. They are fantastic sources of intelligence, which can help inform and propel your marketing strategy as you seek to grow your business.
By MyBizSite 12 Feb, 2016

There are various reasons for which email marketing is perfectly suitable for small businesses. The email campaigns are quick, economical, convenient to share information and important data, and can work with the limited marketing budget of almost every small business. While email marketing proves to be an amazing marketing tool for small businesses, it requires your patience. It shows the results but the payback cycle is long term – it’s worth the effort though!

We strongly believe in the power of email marketing and here we state some fundamental yet influential steps you need to follow to start your email marketing campaign.

 First thing first – Research!

We can’t emphasize enough on the importance of research. List building is not a piece of cake, do not jump and try every possible way you come across. Don’t fall into a trap and begin your journey on a track that’s made for someone else. Make your own way and then move on. It requires effort and persistence.

Your first step should be ‘research’. Do it to find out the online territory of your target customers. Slowly and steadily reach them with a clear message to lead your target audience to sign up.  You’ll be having a genuine list with genuine intentions of doing business with you.

Pick the best service

There are many email marketing services that can help you run an email marketing campaign easily. Always choose the service that can give you the access to maximum things such as managing contacts, creating template, sending emails, reviewing results and complete control over dashboard.  There are plenty of them out there; you can choose the best fit according to your requirement and affordability.

Do it the right way

Doing it wrong or right is completely in your hands. There are some rules that you should follow strictly. Understand them before you think of sending out your very first campaign. It’s nothing complicated but basic email etiquettes that include things like cross browser compatibility, proper language, appropriate content and workable links. Apart from these basic rules always remember one more thing and that is DO-NOT-SPAM! Do not send unsolicited emails, this thing can backfire and all of your effort would go in vain.

Be consistent

Once you’re done with your list of initial potential clients, keep on upgrading it. There’s never a limit, the more you add the more benefit you would get from it. It’s said, slow and steady wins the race, and it is true for email marketing. Do it effectively and identify the enduring way to bond with your target audience.

By MyBizSite 03 Feb, 2016

We all know that it’s really tough to set new goals when we are already struggling to meet the objectives leftover from last year. In fact if you are a small business owner then the stress gets doubled. Being a fellow business owner we understand how complicated it can be to take the time out and consider options for developing your business further.

We remain too busy juggling our current tasks, clients, bigger goals amongst other things, but making a comprehensive checklist can help us look at things from another viewpoint. If small businesses jot down a list of things they need to achieve this year then it can make their life much easier. Now is the perfect time to think how you want your business to grow. So here we present small business checklist for the New Year.

Update your website and add some fresh content.

You keep your office clean and maintained. Don’t you? Similarly, your website is your digital desk. It requires your attention and maintenance. Your website should contain some useful or interesting information for the visitors.

Updating fresh content doesn’t only help to keep visitors hooked to your website; it also helps in effective SEO.

Blog regularly

Blog is a kind of content you should regularly update to your website. There are numerous benefits of regular blogging. First of all it has a huge potential of lead generation. Blogging is like you’re sharing your knowledge and beliefs to the rest of the world, this way you attract traffic to your website. It’s observed that if you are creating content in terms of blogs and your target audience finds them helpful then it can establish you as an authority in their eyes.

Make your web presence user friendly

Let’s try to sum up the five major factors of user friendliness of your website – Page load speed, Accessibility, Navigation, information. If you have a website that’s not up to the mark then it’s equal to not having a website. A non user friendly website doesn’t entertain visitors and they quickly click that ‘cross’ button up there. Your website should be as friendly as possible to attract, make the potential customers stay and bring them to call to action.

Check your search rank

It’s necessary for you to know where your website stands for targeted words. If you have hired an SEO company then line-up a meeting with them every month to check if your efforts are going in the right direction or not.

Do more with social media

We suppose you have a business page on Facebook. Is it enough? No, certainly not! You need to be there, talk, make your presence VISIBLE. The more you will do with social media the more distance you cover to reach to the mind of your customer. Yes, there are millions of your potential customers out there. You need to target them effectively. If you cannot fetch time to manage your social media activities then hire an authentic company to do it for you.

Embrace negative comments on social media and take them as an opportunity

You can’t escape from criticism. It’s better to accept and deal with it. If someone posts negatively on your social media platforms then take it as an opportunity and try to communicate with the person. If you’d address any issue publically and sort it out then it will earn you a good word of mouth. Do not forget, it’s not only about the person commenting but many others observing the issue.

Let consumers be marketer of your brand

We mentioned about word of mouth above, it’s the most effective tool of marketing. You would also take the word of your friends and family serious and it would definitely put impact on your buying decisions. Do well on social media and earn lots of free brand advocates. Transparency and clear communication matter to your customers.

Get ahead of the competition by staying updated with digital trends

Digital trend is one of the things that keep changing. If you want to stay ahead of your competition then you should stay updated with digital trends. You shouldn’t delay it; today there’s a lot of information available to you that can easily be accessed and consumed. You should do it before your competitors think of it.

Update your LinkedIn profile

The way LinkedIn works is a bit different. By making a company/personal account you will automatically stay connected and be given with the most current information from the professionals around the world. Your satisfied customers can easily recommend your products or services to others. You will be way ahead of your competition with the help of these recommendations. There’s a lot more about LinkedIn, we might do a separate blog for it in future.

Revisit (Give a glance) to your email marketing Newsletters

Your email marketing Newsletter educates and persuades your clients and prospects to work with you. It can only happen if you run your email marketing campaign correctly. Revisit or have a look at your Newsletters. Are they adding any value? Would you personally like to receive such Newsletters? If yes then you’re doing it right. A good Newsletter contributes to create higher brand recall and association.  

Invest in digital marketing

You may or may not be investing in traditional marketing methods but now here’s another option - digital marketing - It would make you more visible, credible and searchable online which ultimately make your business profitable.  

Give importance to content remarketing

Content marketing is all together a new world. Since the rise of digital marketing and social media, the way businesses communicate with their customers has been changed. If a customer has decided to join your ‘social circle’ then it has become necessary to you to provide him with some engaging content and useful information.

Seek advice/help from Experts

We always appreciate small business owners because they take actions and make things happen. They are filled with endless energy and strength of mind to grow their own business. Nonetheless they need to connect with some industry experts. If they won’t do it, they will end up compromising on many things they planned to stay ahead of their competition.

Each of the items listed above has its own importance and majorly revolves around digital marketing. It is suggested to handover some of these responsibilities to the people who are experts, this way you can focus on your other business goals.

By MyBizSite 13 Jan, 2016
Can you remember things before the internet came into our lives? It seems like so many decades since we first opened internet to search anything for the very first time. Close your eyes and think for a moment, you would empathize with the feeling.

Life was way simpler than this before. There were limited communication and information channels. You just had to turn on the radio or television to be in the know of what’s happening worldwide. At the longest you used to read newspaper or magazines to get in touch with the outer world.

But then you stepped in the whole wide web world, where you have never ending possibilities and options such as emails, text messages, voice messages, smart phones, social media and the list goes on… and as we are approaching 2016, the options for communication, information and content consumption seem to be growing every day. We have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Google+, Whatsapp, Blogs, SMS, Emails, Television, Radio, Newspaper, Vimeo etc (they are just what we can list off the top of the head). Isn’t it information overload? Yes, it is and can cause real problem. So what needs to be done to reduce the noise and clutter and reach to the information that matters? There are few ways by which you can stay ahead of the rest of the world.

Determine What Matters to You
You need to filter out the things you don’t want to know. You need to decide the areas where you need to stay ahead. It could be any product, field, competitor, customers, any topics etc. In a nut shell clear the noise and reach to the point that matters to you!

Tuning the Frequency
Decide the frequency of information. You can be happy of being informed about anything through a daily update or you may want a realtime newsfeed running on your gadgets. Choice is all yours and depends upon the need that how quick you want to access the information.

Don’t Just Look at the Tip of the Iceberg
While we all love and rely upon social media, don’t forget about the traditional mediums. Never underestimate them. To understand the overall conversation and information, keep in touch with as many sources and channels as possible. The more you know the more benefit you get.

Pick & Choose
Media, person, blog or whatever, you’ve got so many choices. Pick and choose the medium that influences your company or work the most. Once you have decided the influencers then you only need to follow them religiously.

Stay Aware
Sometimes knowing the news or information even after an hour becomes too late. Try to be as quick as possible. Be the first to talk about things (that your influencers tell you about) that matters to you and your customers. If not now then never!

To stay ahead of the world it is necessary to stay ahead of what everyone else thinks.   So what are you thinking today?


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